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No more booze for Buster.

Thanks to dpreview.com for the images above. A friend of Rachel’s asked about what cameras I might recommend. I thought this may a good thing to post to the blog for others who are looking into purchasing a camera. As a disclaimer I shoot Canon, and love Canon. First off, do you have any friends that […]

Welp. Buster just got arrested for indecent exposure after asking these nice young girls if they wanted to lick his peppermint stick. Oh my!

Sorry for Buster’s absence…we had to check him into rehab. In other news, we got this in the mail today. (We’re entering this photo in the Inappropriate Elf Contest put on by Baby Rabies. Check it out here: http://www.babyrabies.com/2013/11/2013-inappropriate-elf-contest/ )