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How are songs chosen for my video?

We will search high and low to license the perfect songs for your video. Unfortunately, we can no longer use copyrighted music. All streaming services such as Vimeo, YouTube, and Facebook will flag your video for copyright infringement if you try to upload a video where a popular song is used. Bummer, we know. (Any videos on our site with popular music were uploaded before these rules were in place). Because of this, there has been an influx of really great music available for licensing. We can choose some awesome songs for you, or we can send you some options to pick from. If you realllly want your video set to your favorite song (that we are unable to license), we can still deliver your video file to you on the flash drive…we just won’t be able to upload it anywhere.

How many shooters will be at my wedding?

Two! We (John and Rachel) both shoot to get multiple angles. Also, if the bride and groom are in two places (for instance, while you’re getting ready), you’ll be sure to have coverage of everything because Rachel will stick with the girls and John will stick with the boys!

Why do I get my final video on a flash drive versus DVD’s, etc.?
Having the original video file on a flash drive allows you to have your video in its original, highest quality HD format. With that, you are able to save your video to your computer and replicate your video as many times as you want in whatever format your wish (blu-ray, DVD, etc.). If you are wanting DVDs or blu-rays and do not have the capability to produce them yourself, we would be happy to make them for you at an additional cost.

Can I purchase additional hours of of coverage beyond the 7 hour package?
Yes! You can add hours of coverage to the 7 hour package for an additional $150 an hour. The final product will still be the same length.